Jenny D Photo me

Hi, nice to meet you...

my name is Jenny and as you have already noticed - photography is more than a passion for me !

I love orchids and chocolate...ah.. I can never say no to chocolate .

Usually i´m frezzing, can´t be warm enough for me ( i´m a scarf wearer ) and I 'm terribly fond of animals, except for spiders, with which you can hunt me.

I often feel wanderlust and love planning my next trip.

I love to bury my toes on the beach of a distant country, or just sit in a cafe´ and watch the buzzling city life.

Photography allows me to connect things - new people and faces to get to know - discover different perspective - to capture the magic of the moment and explore the big wide world.

Every moment with the people we love is unique and especially valuable.

With my art of photography I want to capture these unique moments and create a memory for eternity.